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Chris Aguiar

Chris Aguiar

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Starting detecting several years ago with my father, we often do it as a team and we can combine underwater to 200 feet as well as beach and land or snow recovery. We always do our best to give you faith in humanity and to know that miracles happen every day. Never give up hope. Free consultations to assess the potential for recovery and to design the search plan and best steps. We will explain what to do and what not do which are equally important. Best of luck in the return of your lost item.

Gas and travel expected, water recovery may incur additional service fee for filling air tanks. Service is based on a reward based system based on the value given for the revovery of the lost item and at the discrimination of the clients.

Beach. Water. Land and including snow. Based on the US East coast serving all of new England and Marthas vineyard, Natucket and Block island off the coast. Worldwide and international recovery can be arranged by mutual agreement for travel costs.


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