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  • I am aware of the metal detecting rules and regulations within the country of my residence.
  • I agree to abide by the metal detecting rules and regulations at all times while performing lost jewellery recoveries.
  • I understand Metal detecting in national parks is Illegal without written permission to do so. Permission if granted, can take 24 to 48 hours or longer and sometimes can be granted on the day.
  • Metal detecting on private property is Illegal, I will not enter any private property without permission from owner or owners first.
  • Lost Jewellery Recovery Worldwide is an online metal detecting directory we are not selling exclusive rights to the following locations, locations are provided for metal detectorist’s to help find lost jewellery and reunite it with the rightful owners.
  • I understand Lost Jewellery Recovery Worldwide is an online directory here to help find and reunite lost property with rightful owners.
  • Lost Jewellery Recovery Worldwide is NOT responsible for any damage to property, theft of property, human injury or loss of life and I agree NEVER to take any legal action against Lost Jewellery Recovery World Wide.
  • I agree to leave locations I have metal detected in better condition by removing the trash I find and returning the land to its original state, filling in all plug holes I dig.
  • I agree to be polite and respectful to everyone including owners while performing Lost Jewellery Recoveries.
  • I am of legal age within the country of my chosen location, and have my own means of transport to get me to and from locations to perform Lost Jewellery Recoveries.
  • Lost Jewellery Recovery Worldwide has the right to terminate any member or members who fail to abide by these terms and conditions stated.

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