Ann M

Ann M

Ann M

Joined 04 Sep 2022

Cape Breton

Located in beautiful Cape Breton NS Canada, I am an experienced diver/metal detectorist with over 10 yrs experience in diving. Utilizing the flexibility of the Blu3 Nemo system and specialized underwater metal detecting equipment, I can (potentially) recover lost metal items. Some of my previous success stories include Iphones/I Watch, wedding rings, custom sunglasses, and a set of false teeth. Will land search in most weather (including snow) and water search in weather that permits wet suit entry (no frozen lakes) . The real key to success is YOU. Knowing the approximate area greatly improves your chances of recovering the item.!!

Land hunting: $75.00 call out fee plus $50/hr Water hunting: $75.00 call out fee plus $100/hr Call out fee must be paid on arrival in cash.

Cape Breton NS and willing to travel up to 2 hrs from St Peters NS Canada.

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