Bevan Badcott

Bevan Badcott

Bevan Badcott

Joined 14 Jan 2023

Batemans Bay

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I have been metal detecting/prospecting for over twenty years and have become proficient with using high end equipment. I use only the state of the art modern metal detectors in my Metal Detecting services . This means that I am able to search in most locations. Whether it is the beach, the surf, parks or garden. My equipment is waterproof and therefor able to be used in most environments.

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I'm located on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales in Batemans Bay, but don't let this deter you as I have often travelled to other areas to search for lost items. If for any reason your location is at a greater distance it may be possible that I am able to get in contact with another detectorist who could help. Please don't hesitate to call as speed is of the essence to establish a successful recovery.

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