Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

Joined 16 Jul 2022

Sydney Wollongong Gosford Blue Mountains

0434 985 992
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My name is Michael and I run a professional Metal Detecting Service based in Sydney, with possible referrals available throughout NSW. I am scuba qualified and detect the ocean, beach, yards and parks. LJR uses the world's best land and water detecting Equipment, with great success on recoveries, I am highly motivated and take great pride in recovering your belongings, don't let someone else claim your belongings! I started metal detecting at the age of ten as just a hobby. After helping many people over the years finding their lost beloved items, from wedding rings to car keys, I am now focused on a professional Metal Detecting Service LJR.

$150, for a standard two hour search. This is a standard NSW search fee. I search on land and underwater, with high success rates. If It`s there I will find it.

I`m based in Sydney, performing searches 24/7 day and night. I travel as far down as Kiama on the south coast, all the way up to Gosford, as far west as the Blue Mountains and EVERY WHERE in between. I metal detect on land and underwater. My success rate is over 90% in finding your lost property. Using top quality metal detectors I am capable to get any recovery done successfully. If its there I will find it.

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