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Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

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Search Types: As a full scope Lost Item Recovery Specialist I will do my best to assist in a variety of situations including the following and more. I am experienced and successful in each of these recovery disciplines. Rings thrown in stressful situations with no judgement just be up front about the situation for best results! Land, grass, snow, lakes, streams, rivers, marine waters, in vehicle and in building searches just to name a few. Estate search for buried or hidden treasure cashes (gold and silver hoards) with deep seeking metal detection technology. Water speciality - SCUBA: Certified PADI Master SCUBA Diver. Own all my own personal dive gear and detection equipment maintained to current standards always at the ready. Experienced at performing underwater recoveries of small rings and valuables hidden in harsh cold silty low visibility milfoil conditions. Drysuit diving in the Pacific North West allows me to dive all year around. Capable of lifting items such as boat engines, up to 500 lbs, from marine / lake bottom. Equipped with multiple professional underwater metal detectors and specialty tools greatly improving my underwater recovery process. Biography: I'm Jeff Morgan of Seattle, WA. I love a good adventure and helping people out. With my strong faith in God, a vast technical background as an experienced search and recovery specialist this allows me to help you recover your lost items. What ever your lost item of value is I understand these items most often carry a monetary and sentimental value that simply can not be replaced. If it’s worth five bucks or fifty thousand it doesn't matter the piece means a lot to you for the history it represents and when it goes MIA it’s like your heart has just been ripped out! I could talk all day about my past experiences, now it’s the time for you to call me so we can start working on a plan of recovery for your lost items… !!! IMPORTANT !!! All I ask is that you CALL or TXT me NOW at 206-618-8194 before you leave the lost item location or try doing anything labor intensive on your own. CALL me now so I can use my years of recovery experience to assist, direct and help you in prioritizing the next steps in your recovery process for a successful recovery. Often times I can provide some clarity and proven tips over the phone to ease some of the stress of your situation. After we speak visit my portfolio of success in action: YouTube #SeattleRingHunter

I work on a reward basis, that means you tip what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. No set or hidden fees, simply tip what you can afford after the search efforts are completed. Tips & Gratuity options: • Cash • On-site: Square mobile processing of credit/debit cards, chip, tap Apple Pay or Google Pay. • Tip Touch-Free: Venmo, PayPal or txt ApplePay Cash to 206-618-8194.

Washington State, USA, Greater Pacific North West, also open to other opportunities, contact for specific availability.

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